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Companies transforming on Plectica

Usecase : Nestle goes on a water diet

Rethinking longtime practices becomes intuitive with visual mapping

Food giant NESTLE dramatically cuts its water usage with Sytems Thinking on Plectica

View NESTLE map

Fascinating opportunity to change how you solve problems by rethinking the underpinnings of the systems we have always used.

Laurie Shoulter Karall, Chicago International Charter School

A universal systems framework at your fingertips

Plectica simplifies Systems Thinking by capturing and extending the essentials that appear in all models and framworks with DSRP distinctions, systems, relationships and perspectives.

In this systems dynamics diagram, see how the causal loops make up the food supply and distribution system -- adapted from a work by Turner, Menendez, Gates, Tedeschi, and Atzori.

View Causal Loop Diagram
Understand your users - Plectica Map

Built for Systems Thinkers by Systems Thinkers

Take a systems approach to management and business-related problems with Soft Systems Methodology

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Environmental Justice - Plectica Map

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Get certified in systems mapping, systems thinking and systems leadership to transform your thought process and solve wicked problems.

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Systems Thinking

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Systems Thinking Made Simple

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