About Us

Based on years of applied research on how we think and learn, Plectica works the way the human brain does: by visually organizing parts that can be combined and connected to each other to form a more complete picture. Whether you're diagramming an internal workflow, brainstorming new opportunities, or onboarding new team members, our mission is to help you map and share better ideas.

Our name—Plectica—is a twist on 'plectics' and derived from the Indo-European root *plek- (to fold) which gives us both the words "simple" (once folded) and "complex" (many times folded). Plectics is a broad transdisciplinary science which explores the hallmark of complex systems: simple rules underlie and unfold into the complexity you wrestle with everyday.

Plectica is brought to you by a passionate and experienced team of designers, scientists, applied researchers, policy experts, and engineers.