Privacy Policy

By creating an account or otherwise interacting with this website and content, you (“You” or “User”) agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions contained in this legal contract (“Agreement”) between yourself and Frameable Inc. (“Company” or “Frameable”). The Company is the owner of the free and paid products, services, web pages, code, and content (all together known as the “Products”) found on this website. 1 - Information we collect, and how we use it 1.1 Frameable collects, stores, and uses a limited amount of personal information, which users provide to us when they create an account to use this product. This information is displayed in the Profile and Account sections of our websites when the user is logged in, and includes the following: user_id, display name, name, email, photo / avatar (optional), the date the account was created. 1.2 We maintain this information in our databases as long as the user has an account, and whether or not the account is active. 1.3 No user's personal information is ever visible to any other user, unless they are collaborating, in which case their name and avatar will appear in the product they are viewing or using. 1.4 We do not release, sell, or share any account or personal information with any other company; provided that we reserve the right to disclose, transfer or assign account information, personal information and related data to an acquirer or successor company as part of any change of control, merger, acquisition, sale of assets, or similar transaction. 2 - Downloading your information; Correcting or Deleting your account 2.1 After creating an account, users may download a copy of the personal information we have on file for them in a CSV file by clicking ‘download profile’ on the Profile page of our site, accessible from the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 2.2 If a user would like us to (a) correct erroneous information they cannot correct on their own on our website, or (b) delete this information permanently and close their account, they should notify us by email at and we will do so within two business days. 3 - Cookies and User Tracking 3.1 Frameable uses cookies to keep track of the session you're logged in with and support some of our core functionality. 3.2 Some third party tools that we use for analytics, communications, or improving the customer experience may also use cookies. 4 - Data Breach Notification 4.1 Within 72 hours of first having become aware of a data breach, Frameable will share a description of the breach event, the potential consequences to the extent they are known, the measures Frameable is taking or will take to address the breach, and recommendations for what the users can do, if anything, to further protect themselves and their data. 5 - Age Limits for Use 5.1 Frameable’s products are for general audiences and we don’t knowingly take any information from or provide services to any children under 13 years old. If you believe a child under 13 years old has interacted with any of our Products, please let us know the details immediately so we can take appropriate action. 6 - Contacting Us with Requests or Questions 6.1 If you have questions or concerns about the privacy of information you have provided, please contact us by sending an email to with "privacy" in the subject line and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. 7 - Changes to this Document 7.1 Frameable reserves the right to make changes to this Agreement at any time. The most recent version will always be posted on the site. 7.2 You understand and agree that by using the Company’s Products you are agreeing to the terms and conditions which are in effect at the time of use, even if these are different from those which were in place at the time of your purchase or account creation. 7.3 This document was last modified on 16 January 2021.