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Senior Front End / Full Stack Software Engineer

New York, NY or Remote

We are looking for great engineers to join our startup team as we build the next generation of content mapping tools. These are enterprise-strength tools anyone can quickly learn to use to map and track complex thoughts or systems of any kind.

Our software is underpinned by the state of the art in systems thinking methodology and the pioneering work of our cofounder Dr. Derek Cabrera, an internationally renowned cognitive scientist based at Cornell University.

Systems Thinking is an increasingly popular method of analysis and problem solving, widely applicable in industry, government, not-for-profit, education, business, and civic sectors. Its real promise lies in visually unpacking complex systems, thereby helping experts develop solutions to seemingly intractable and often transdisciplinary issues, including those which contain competing interests and touch economic, political, social, and other systems.

Our tech stack includes Riot.js atop SVG for interactive map building and visualization; Redis / Node.js / WebSockets for real-time collaboration; MySQL for a source of truth; and some other tools and services around text-understanding and image processing in Python.

You are: a highly-skilled front-end engineer who has demonstrated experience owning, shaping, building a product that gained real traction with users in a production setting.

Strong candidates will have…

  • Strong proficiency with modern ES6+ JavaScript
  • Strong command of CSS (transforms, animation, filters, flexbox, grid etc)
  • Familiarity working directly with SVG and/or Canvas APIs
  • Experience with visualization libraries like d3.js, Raphael, Fabric.js, Processing.js, etc
  • Experience with application frameworks such as Riot.js / React.js / Vue.js
  • Familiarity with WebSockets and surrounding real-time techniques
  • Full-stack inclination with some backend experience with Node.js/Python/Ruby
  • Experience in an Agile product development environment
  • A passion for getting things in front of customers and iterating fast