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Product Designer

New York, NY

We are looking for a great designer to join our startup team as we build the next generation of content mapping tools.

We’re building user experience-centric and enterprise-strength mapping tools that are easy to learn and delightful to use—for both a first timer and a seasoned expert. Our canvas based interface provides an exceedingly diverse range of users with tools to create compelling knowledge maps and track complex thoughts or systems of any kind.

The theory behind it

Our software is underpinned by state of the art systems thinking methodology and the pioneering work of our cofounder Dr. Derek Cabrera, an internationally renowned cognitive scientist based at Cornell University. Systems Thinking is an increasingly popular method of analysis and problem solving, widely applicable in industry, government, not-for-profit, education, business, and civic sectors. Its real promise lies in visually unpacking complex systems, thereby helping experts develop solutions to seemingly intractable and often transdisciplinary issues, including those which contain competing interests and touch economic, political, social, and other systems.


We’re dedicated to turning inspiring academic work into useful tools in a way that it is both financially and socially rewarding. The products we build have a tangible impact in the world, in education, in knowledge management, strategic planning, and really, in human cognition.

Our team

We are a tight team of design and engineering, working very closely with the academic team at Cornell. Our product team values being co-located—especially in our design process—and nearly all of us work from a WeWork in Soho.


  • Have a BA/BS in Design / HCI, advanced design degree or equivalent experience.
  • Provide a portfolio that demonstrates experience designing elegant and usable interfaces, excellent communication of interaction and design ideas by way of detailed mockup flows, prototypes etc. and a refined visual design sense.
  • Are passionate about information architecture / design and interactive data visualization.
  • Can gauge the usability of new and existing products and make constructive suggestions for change.
  • Can contribute to high-level strategic decisions with the rest of the product and executive teams.
  • Have basic proficiency with HTML / CSS.